Monday, August 30, 2010

Faculty: Graduate Transfer Credit

All requests for graduate level transfer credit should be sent to Daisy Tow (AUD 842) in Chicago or Paula Boettcher (SCH 120) in Schaumburg.

The form for requesting transfer credit for your advisees at the graduate level is available on the website for the Roosevelt University Registrar. It's Form #27. This form must be completed and approved for transfer credit to be indicated on the student's graduate transcript.

All graduate students have the opportunity to transfer in up to 6 hours of graduate credit from other institutions at the time of their initial advising. If you believe that a course on a graduate transcript is equivalent to one of our required courses, please consult the graduate catalog to make sure that all criteria for transfer have been met. Here is the statement in the 2009-2010 Graduate Catalog for the College of Education:

A maximum of six semester hours of acceptable graduate level course work from a regionally accredited graduate school may be considered for transfer to the MA programs under the following conditions: the credit has not been applied toward any other degree, the final grade is A or B, the credit will not be more than six years old when the degree is conferred, and the content is equivalent to a requirement or appropriate as an elective in the degree sequence. The request for approval should be made during the student's first semester at Roosevelt University and must be accompanied by an official transcript and course description. Acceptance of transfer credits will not reduce the number of semester hours that are required specifically at Roosevelt University. No credit from any institution will be accepted for transfer to the doctoral program.

If the conditions are met, complete the Form #27 and send to the registrar's office as outlined above.

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