Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Career Services for Student Teachers and Others at RU

Roosevelt has an Office of Career Development that will assist student teachers and others with their job search. Follow the link below to set up an online job search file that you may share with prospective employers.


More info about the Office of Career Development and the services they offer can be found at this link here:


Friday, January 7, 2011

Faculty and Students: Current Department Structure & Contact Information

The College of Education has two departments, each of which has a chair. Many programs in the college have a program coordinator. If students need assistance beyond that which an instructor or advisor can provide, they should contact the following people:

Department of Curriculum Studies: Nona Burney, Chair

1. Elementary Education - Judy Gouwens, Coordinator
2. Secondary Education - Linda Pincham, Coordinator
3. Early Childhood Education - contact Nona Burney

Department of Specialized Studies: Renate Rohde, Interim Chair

1. Special Education - Sharon Grant, Coordinator
2. Language and Literacy (Reading) - Margaret Policastro, Coordinator
3. Counseling - contact Renate Rohde
4. Educational Leadership - Tom Kersten, Coordinator
5. Teacher Leadership - Tom Kersten, Coordinator

Contact information is available through the Directory at the top of the RU homepage. A list of advisors in the College of Education is available on the COE website, as well as information about student teaching and field placement.