Friday, January 7, 2011

Faculty and Students: Current Department Structure & Contact Information

The College of Education has two departments, each of which has a chair. Many programs in the college have a program coordinator. If students need assistance beyond that which an instructor or advisor can provide, they should contact the following people:

Department of Curriculum Studies: Nona Burney, Chair

1. Elementary Education - Judy Gouwens, Coordinator
2. Secondary Education - Linda Pincham, Coordinator
3. Early Childhood Education - contact Nona Burney

Department of Specialized Studies: Renate Rohde, Interim Chair

1. Special Education - Sharon Grant, Coordinator
2. Language and Literacy (Reading) - Margaret Policastro, Coordinator
3. Counseling - contact Renate Rohde
4. Educational Leadership - Tom Kersten, Coordinator
5. Teacher Leadership - Tom Kersten, Coordinator

Contact information is available through the Directory at the top of the RU homepage. A list of advisors in the College of Education is available on the COE website, as well as information about student teaching and field placement.

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