Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paid Tutors Needed in the Schaumburg Area

Below is a letter from Michael Bruno, a soon-to-be COE alumnus:

Dear fellow graduating students and prospective educators,

During my time in the graduate program at Roosevelt’s College of Education, I have been exposed to a multitude of theories and concepts concerning education methods and ideologies. In an academic sense, I know I haven’t missed a beat. However, in a practical sense, when it came to interacting with children in an academic setting, I felt that I still had much to learn.

I am writing to you now, because I want you to be aware of an opportunity to hone your teaching craft as newly licensed educators. Since acquiring my Type 09 License this summer, I have been a teacher at the Eye Level Learning Centers in Bloomingdale, Bartlett, and Hoffman Estates. These tutoring centers are ideal for new educators, as they operate in the early evenings and weekends, allowing for newly licensed professionals (like me) to pursue high school/elementary teaching careers during regular school hours.

I have also benefited from interacting with my teacher/tutor colleagues. Through observation of other teaching strategies, I am able to see alternative methods of instruction, and have incorporated those techniques into my own teaching.

As a newly licensed secondary educator, I was not sure if Eye Level Centers would be the right fit, but I have found the experience gained from the one-on-one tutoring interaction to be invaluable. I was also concerned that the prep time for tutoring would be too much added responsibility to handle, but the Eye Level Centers utilize a teaching model that requires no lesson planning at home for teachers.

If you have any questions about the Eye Level Learning Centers, please feel free to contact me with any questions, or contact the center directly.

Thank you for your time,
Michael Bruno

Michael is graduating this fall with a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. You can reach Michael at, or contact Ritu Patel, Director of the Bloomingdale, Bartlett, and Hoffman Estates Eye Level Learning Centers with the contact info below:

Ritu Patel, Director
Eye Level Learning Centers
Bloomingdale – Bartlett – Hoffman Estates

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