Monday, January 27, 2014

Free Literacy Teaching Workshop at RU on Feb. 8

Below are some details related to another free literacy teaching workshop for K-12 teachers and RU education students.  The workshop is sponsored by the Language and Literacy Program at Roosevelt University, thanks to funding rom the Illinois Board of Higher Education.  A reservation to attend is not required.

Save the dateFebruary 8th, 2014, 9:00-12:00, Roosevelt University, Wabash Building, room 1111
Workshop title: What does reading in the disciplines look like in a balanced literacy classroom?

All faculty, students, and alumni of the College of Education and Roosevelt University are invited to attend the forthcoming February 8th workshop What does reading in the disciplines look like in a balanced literacy classroom?   Timothy Shanahan (2013) discusses disciplinary literacy and the challenges it brings forth within CCSS as follows:

Past standards have not made a big deal out of reading in history/social studies or science
Emphasis was on learning how to read and applying these skills to content area textbooks
However, there are unique reading demands within the various disciplines (reading history is not the same thing as reading literature, etc.)
       The common core state standards requires specialized reading emphasis for literature, history/social studies and science/technical subjects.  Each discipline possesses its own language, purposes, ways of using text
There are special skills and strategies needed for students to make complete sense of texts from the disciplines
As students begin to confront these kinds of texts (especially in middle school and high school), instruction must facilitate their understanding of what it means to read disciplinary texts

In order to meet these challenges, it is our goal to provide teachers with tools to assist in implementing disciplinary literacy within their classrooms. Part of the workshop will be dedicated to grade levels planning CCSS thematic units within the disciplines.  We are working hard on getting materials and resources ready for the day. As always, those who attend can plan on leaving with important materials.

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