Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Final Call For COE Student Advisory Board Nominations

The College of Education seeks nominations for a Student Advisory Board.  A description of the board and the responsibilities of members is below.

If interested in participating, please send an email to Tom Philion, Interim Dean, at  In your email, explain briefly why you are interested in serving, and any specific contributions you believe you could make to the board.  Also, indicate your expected graduation or program completion date.

Self-nominations are encouraged, as is the participation of both undergraduate and graduate students.

The final deadline for nominations is March 15, 2014.

Student Advisory Board Description and Responsibilities

Members of the Student Advisory Board (SAB) meet two times a year with the Dean of the College of Education to provide input and feedback on ways to enhance student learning and improve student life at each of the campuses served by the College of Education at Roosevelt University.  Members may attend meetings from either campus, or by phone or Internet connection.

The Student Advisory Board is a group of approximately 10 students composed of representatives from freshmen through graduate students reflecting the diversity of the campuses and the College of Education student body.  In addition to attending two meetings during the academic year, members are responsible for communicating thoughts, ideas, and concerns to the Dean through email and phone throughout the year in response to observations, experiences, and/or input from other students.

On occasion, SAB members also may represent and serve the College of Education in various other capacities, as requested by the Dean of the college (e.g., service on search committees, interviews with faculty and administrative candidates, meetings with accreditation teams, etc…).

Questions? Contact Tom Philion at

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