Monday, May 19, 2014

Please Check Summer 2014 Course Schedule for Pre-Session Dates and Times

Please check the course schedule to make sure you are aware of all meeting time and date details if you are taking courses this summer.

All intensive, one week or 5 Friday or Saturday courses offered during Summer 2014 have mandatory pre-sessions prior to the start of the class.  Please pay particular attention to the note in the course schedule about the pre-session if you are signed up for a one week intensive course.                                

If you have a conflict with a scheduled pre-session, you should expect to make a change in plans to enable attendance at the pre-session.  All pre-sessions are mandatory, and instructors are not required to provide absent students with alternative ways of making up missed work or participation in the pre-session.

If you miss a pre-session or have a conflict, please contact your Summer instructor using the contact information in the Faculty and Staff Directory.

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