Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reading Clinic Underway

On Monday, June 16, the 27th Annual Summer Reading Clinic at RU opened its doors to 45 children from the Schaumburg campus area.  The Summer Reading Clinic  is designed to improve the reading skills of students in grades K-12.  The teachers/coaches are graduate students completing their practicum courses for a Master's Degree in Reading.  A student-teacher ratio of 5:1 is the target for the clinic.

Last Monday, the children arrived at 9:00 a.m., exactly when the Schaumburg bookmobile arrived. It was magical to see what happens when 45 children acquire access to bins and bins of books. The children didn’t know one another, but somehow the books connected the children almost instantly to each other.

The daily routine in the clinic matches the "110 minutes of literacy” recommended in a new book recently published by Margaret Policastro and Becky McTague, reading clinic co-directors.  During the first few days of the clinic, the teachers developed formative assessment tools to use during read-alouds. By Wednesday, they were able to collect student data during read-alouds and provide feedback to the children. The goal is to continue to create formative assessment tools each week for activities such as guided reading, literacy centers, and independent reading and writing.

In addition, last Wednesday, Dianne Gardner from Illinois State University visited the clinic to view the formative assessment development in process.  Dr. Gardner provides support and feedback to RU’s Language and Literacy Program in her role as an evaluator for an IBHE grant that the program has had for the the last four years.

More information about RU’s Language and Literacy program and the MA degree in Reading can be found at http://www.roosevelt.edu/Catalog/Graduate/Degree.aspx?ID=55, or contact Margaret Policastro at mpolicas@roosevelt.edu.

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