Friday, July 25, 2014

College Retreat Scheduled For August 19

I am pleased to announce that the Annual College of Education Fall Retreat will be held on August 19, from 10-4, in Gage 700, at 18 South Michigan Ave.  All faculty, students, staff, and alumni are invited to attend the morning session of this event.

The morning session will consist of a conversation with alumni and educational partners/allies about the state of education and counseling today in the Chicago area.  Panel participants will be asked to respond to this question: What are three key issues or needs that teachers, counselors, and leaders studying at RU need to be aware of as they enter their professions?  We’ll then explore different perspectives on these issues and needs, as well as different ways of responding to them.

The afternoon will consist of faculty meetings with a focus on our college's 1 year and 5 year strategic goals, as well as the goals of programs for the upcoming year.  

Please do attend the retreat from 10 - noon if you would like to participate in the morning conversation.  The event is free.  If you are a student or alum and you do decide to attend, please send a quick email to Sabrina Elms at so we can make sure we have enough chairs available for all.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the 19th!

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