Saturday, July 26, 2014

RU Writing Center Seeks Paid Tutors

The Roosevelt Writing Center will soon be hiring new peer tutors for the upcoming academic year.  Undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Education are especially welcome to apply for these positions.

The Writing Center offers students a unique employment opportunity that allows them to contribute to student learning while also developing their own teaching experience and knowledge.  Please note that interested candidates do not need to feel they’ve “mastered” writing; in fact, many tutors report that their own writing skills improve as a result of their experiences in the Writing Center.  The best candidates are students who are interested in furthering their own and others’ learning, and who are thoughtful and engaged students.

Interested students can apply through eRecruiting beginning August 15, or can contact Mairin Barney, Associate Director of the Writing Center, for more information.  Her email address is

The Writing Center also accepts faculty recommendations for tutors.  Please consider recommending students who might be a good fit for a position in the Writing Center by contacting Mairin Barney at 
There are 3 different types of positions available: 
·         Lead Tutor: Graduate students or upper-level undergraduate students with previous Writing Center tutoring experience; lead tutors are responsible for peer tutoring, mentoring staff tutors, and designing and leading in-class workshops and small group exercises.  Lead tutors must work 10-12 hours per week in the Writing Center, attend a monthly meeting, and participate in Composition program events.  Pay rate: $9.25 per hour.

·         Staff Tutor:  Any student who has completed the University Writing Requirement (English 102); staff tutors are responsible for peer tutoring and leading small group exercises.  Staff tutors must work 8-10 hours in the Writing Center and attend a monthly meeting.  Pay rate: $8.25 per hour.

·         Volunteer Tutor:  Any student who has completed the University Writing Requirement (English 102), who has limited availability, but wants the experience of being a peer tutor.  Volunteers are unpaid and must work at least 3 hours per week in the Writing Center.

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