Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Free Workshop: Formative Assessment in the Balanced Literacy Classroom

Once again, the Language and Literacy Program at Roosevelt University is sponsoring a Saturday workshop on strategies for literacy instruction.  All COE students, faculty, and alumni are invited to participate in these free workshops.

Save the Date:  Saturday, September 20th, 9:00-12:00 at Roosevelt University, Wabash building room 1111. 

Please bring your RU ID or state identification in order to pass through campus security. CPDU credit will be available.

Dr. Dianne Gardner from Illinois State University, Center for the Study of Education Policy will be our lead speaker.  Dianne is our Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) state appointed evaluator. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of formative assessment and will talk about “real-time” learning and feedback along with the research that supports formative assessment as the most effective practice for student learning and performance.

The main topic will be Strategies for Implementing Formative Assessment in the Balanced Literacy Classroom. This session will include step-by-step procedures with specific guidelines and tools.  We have some new, exciting, and interesting strategies for you to implement during read-alouds, guided reading, centers and independent reading and writing.  Additionally, we have many new tools, materials and resources for each workshop participant.  We know that these strategies and materials will get you off to a wonderful new school year or well prepared for student teaching. Please plan to attend--reservations are not required.

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