Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chicago Public Schools Employment Tips

Here are two tips to help Education students find employment:

1.       Undergraduates should sign up with CPS while student teaching (and while getting letters of referrals from University supervisors and/or cooperating teachers) to become substitute teachers.   Substitute teachers only need a bachelor’s degree, and this is a great way to get in the door to different schools that may need teachers in the future.

2.       Graduate students should sign up now to become substitute teachers because they already meet the minimum requirement of having a bachelor’s degree.  

To apply to become a substitute teacher, go to and click on TEACH IN OUR SCHOOLS. Next, select ALL CPS JOBS.  From here, in JOB NUMBER field, enter 1400014H for the Substitute Teacher application.

Both students also may enter these other job numbers that only require a bachelor's degree:
140000MY for the Substitute Clerk application
140000N7 for the Substitute Special Education Classroom Assistant
140000N2 for the Substitute Teacher Assistant.

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