Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dean's Message - October 2014

I am very honored to write to you this month as the newly appointed dean of the College of Education.  As I said in the recent announcement about my appointment, we have a lot of work to do to meet new and more challenging expectations for teachers, counselors, and leaders, but I am eager for the opportunity and look forward to the journey that we will take together.

The direction of our journey is embedded in a new strategic plan that was approved by our faculty at a College Council meeting in September.  Four key words animate our aspirations: Redesign, Partner, Collaborate, and Innovate.  Propelled by the $100,000 grant that we received last year to redesign our elementary education program, we have set our goals high and mapped out a multitude of strategies for taking our college to a new level of performance and recognition.  Here are the most notable of our plans for the next five years:
  • Create a new, interdisciplinary organizational structure for teacher preparation programs that clearly communicates our commitment to social justice and other core Rooseveltian values.
  • Partner with Harper College and other community colleges to create new pathways for students to earn a BA degree and employment credentials in early childhood education and youth development. 
  • Develop a new clinic where Roosevelt students can train to become counselors while also providing services to students in the Chicago Public Schools and at Roosevelt University.
  • Enhance the professional knowledge and skills of already licensed teachers by providing them with high quality off-campus, online, and hybrid courses and programs.
  • Use our Office of Community Engagement to create synergies among our grant-related projects and academic and student support programs in the College of Education and across the university.
The entire strategic plan is now on our College of Education website.  I encourage you to review it, and send any comments or suggestions that you have to my email address below.  Better yet, give me a call.  I would love to talk and learn more about how we can support our current students, alumni, and community partners.
The fun thing about our journey is that we don't know exactly where we will end up.  We'll hit bumps in the road, and obstacles impossible to overcome.  We'll likely cast aside some goals in favor of others.  But we'll definitely keep moving, and with your help and support--and the help and support of many others--we'll arrive at a destination that we all can be proud of.

All the best,

Tom Philion                                                                          
Dean, College of Education                                         
Roosevelt University                                                              

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