Thursday, January 15, 2015

COE Faculty Earn 2015-2016 Research Leaves

I am pleased to announce that Byoung Kim, Associate Professor of Elementary Education, and Alyson Lavigne, Assistant Professor of Curriculum Studies, have been awarded Roosevelt University Faculty Research Leaves for the 2015-2016 academic year.  The research leave program is highly competitive, and is a key vehicle through which the University supports faculty research
and professional improvement.

Research leaves are available to any full-time member of the faculty with two or more years of service by the time of the leave.  Grants for such leaves release the faculty from teaching for a period of one semester so that they can pursue research projects or professional development activities.

Professor Kim's research will examine the impact of STEM
instruction on CPS students' learning of
science and mathematics.  He will jointly collaborate with and help science teachers at Newberry Math and Science Academy in Chicago to implement STEM modules in K-8 science classrooms.  After the research project, the teachers' and students' work samples will be used as resources for his future teaching in science and math methods courses at Roosevelt.

Alyson Lavigne's research will build upon three studies that she has completed over the last two years.  These studies describe and analyze the practices and perceptions of school leaders (e.g., principals, assistant principals, and directors) during the implementation of the new teacher evaluation model in the state of Illinois.  During her research leave, Dr. Lavigne will conduct initial and secondary analyses of data from the three studies. This work will identify principals' teacher evaluation practices and perceptions, and when published will become an important resource for the development of both public policy and leadership practices. 

Please join me in congratulating Professors Kim and Lavigne on their successful pursuit of these awards.

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