Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dr. Leslie Bloom Earns Fulbright Specialist Award

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Leslie Bloom,                                                    
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, has
earned a Fulbright Award in the Specialist Program
for the Spring of 2016, to work with the Israeli
Center for Qualitative Research at Ben Gurion
University of the Negev.

The project at Ben-Gurion University of The Negev will be organized with both the Social Work Program and the Israeli Center for Qualitative Research (ICQR) of People and Societies in order
to provide an opportunity for the Ben-Gurion community and other researchers in Israel to come together to collaboratively share and develop knowledge focused on social justice approaches to qualitative research.  Dr. Bloom will engage in four activities:
  1. Facilitation of an advanced study workshop called "Qualitative Research for Social Justice." This workshop for faculty and graduate students will deepen the knowledge of how to design, conduct, and report qualitative research for social justice. The workshop will support the development of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Workshop topics will include: social justice theory, feminist and social justice qualitative research design and fieldwork methods, and using research for publishing and advocacy.  The workshop will be open to researchers from across all Israeli universities.
  2. Assistance with curriculum development for the new Masters in Social Work for Social Justice Program, based on a social justice curriculum model and including social justice studies and feminist methods for research.
  3. Lecturing in Social Work courses.
  4. Presenting research at The Seventh Israeli Conference of Qualitative Research (February 2016).
Please join me in congratulating Dr. Bloom on this outstanding achievement!

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