Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Celinska and Gouwens Earn 2016 Summer Research Grants

I am pleased to announce that the Roosevelt University Faculty Research and Professional Improvement Committee and the Dean of Graduate Studies have awarded New Deal Teacher Academy faculty members Dorota Celinska and Judy Gouwens grants that they each will use this summer to complete projects relevant to their work in our special education and elementary education programs, respectively. 

Prof. Celinska's project will address the urgent need to incorporate recent educational research on effective instruction into RU teacher preparation programs.  In August 2016, Prof. Celinska will attend the Annual Visible Learning Conference organized by Visible Learningplus.  Visible Learningplus is one of the most highly acclaimed, internationally-recognized sources of educational research and represents the largest ever data base for effective instruction. The conference is in Washington, D.C. in July.

Prof. Gouwens and her collaborator, Robyn Henderson, will present a paper at the European Conference on Educational Research. The presentation is part of a symposium on the power of education to affect culture in rural communities. The paper specifically identifies factors that helped migrant mothers in an Illinois family literacy program move from their status as outsider to one of understanding the culture of the rural community where they were living, as well as the expectations of the schools, and actually supported the mothers to advocate for their children. The paper represents an analysis of data from interviews that were conducted with the mothers, the director of the program, and the parent educator of the program. The ECER meeting is in Dublin at the end of August.

Congratulations to Dr. Celinska and Dr. Gouwens for these awards!

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