Thursday, April 28, 2016

COE Faculty Promotions & Reappointments

I am very pleased to announce the following members of the College of Education faculty who were just approved for reappointment, tenure and promotion.  

 Reappointment as Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty
Roger Chamberlain
"I am passionate about school leadership and how school leaders identify their leadership skills, and develop the leadership capacity in those they lead. This is essential in creating a school culture where the school community places high value on student academic, emotional, and social growth."

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
Jin-ah Kim

"My students are going to be social justice change agents.  Early childhood teachers are the first educators in children's lives who help them navigate the future and advocate for them in cases of injustice.  It's imperative that they learn about social justice, multiculturalism and anti-bias curriculum, which is an approach that respects and embraces differences--something I care deeply about given my own experiences."

Alyson Lavigne

Co-author of Improving Teaching Through Observation and Feedback: Going Beyond State and Federal Mandates (2015) and Teacher and Student Evaluation: Moving Beyond the Failure of School Reform (2013), as well as other books and articles in the areas of culturally responsive teaching, student and teacher evaluation, and educational policy.

Tammy Oberg De La Garza
"My teaching is grounded in preparing teachers to work with students using culturally responsive methods with high quality and culturally relevant literature.  This is an approach that I explore in detail in Salsa Dancing In Gym Shoes: Exploring Cross-Cultural Missteps with Latinos in the Classroom (2015)."

 Promotion to Professor
Kenneth King
From two former students: "Professor King is a talented teacher. He ... makes sure his students succeed" and "His classes are always hands-on with experiments and discussion-based lessons. I learned a lot ... that I can bring into my own classroom."

We are very fortunate to have in our midst such outstanding professionals who live out Roosevelt's mission of social justice and providing enhanced educational access and opportunity to diverse student populations in the Chicago area and elsewhere in the United States.  Please join me in congratulating our colleagues for their achievements and thanking them for their many contributions to our college and university. 

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