Monday, October 31, 2016

5th Annual Teaching For Social Justice Curriculum Fair - Nov 19

This Nov 19th, Saturday, from 10-4 is the 5th annual Teachers for Social Justice
Curriculum Fair (CF). It will be at Uplift Community HS in Uptown.

This year’s theme is: Defund Policing. Fund Schools and Communities, which we in TSJ
think is entirely appropriate given the current state of things in Chicago: the Movement
for Black Lives, the fight for redistribution of revenue (e.g., for tax and fiscal policies
that make the wealthy pay far more like the “millionaire’s tax,” or redistributing TIF
funds), the fight for sustainable community schools (like the 2015 Hunger Strike for
Dyett HS, see the TSJ website), support for the CTU, the struggle for an elected school
board, work against police violence (murder of Laquan McDonald) and much more.

The annual CF is the biggest social justice education event in the Midwest. We usually
have ~900 attendees, with up to 90 tables of curriculum exhibits and educational
resources, and over a dozen workshops. This year’s keynote speaker is Mariame Kaba,
founder of Project Nia, who has probably done more than anyone to help Chicago
explore alternatives to policing and prisons, and following her talk will be the workshops
and the exhibits. Think of a history or science fair except it is teachers with their tri-fold
boards with curriculum, lesson and unit plans, student work, and often students
themselves, and also “resource tables” done by various organizations with educational
resources for the classroom and the larger education justice movement.

It’s a whole day affair, 10-4. We serve delicious lunch, we have a “healing space” with
local healers, childcare (provided by the Chicago Childcare Collective), Spanish-English
translation and ASL interpretation for the keynote, youth culture, and HIGH energy all
day long. It’s exciting and a learning space for all, where the CF format encourages
dialogue and participation, not “banking education.” We make this road by walking it,
and this is one stop on the journey for educators and educators-to-be to figure out
collectively how to educate for another, possible world.

Please come, register online ( and volunteer to help
(you’ll see opportunities on the registration form or email

The event is free, though we will ask for donations at the door and for lunch because we are a 100% volunteer organization with no external funding. ALL are welcome (teachers, pre-service teachers, parents, students, community activists/organizers, residents, administrators, counselors, para-professionals, and everyone else.

Saturday, November 19, 2016
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Uplift High School
900 West Wilson
Chicago, IL 60640

Resources, curriculum, workshops, culture: #TSJCF16

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