Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Roosevelt receives major federal grant to train math & science teachers

In early June, Roosevelt received a significant Noyce Scholarship grant from the National Science Foundation that will pave the way for scholarships starting in Fall 2017 for students interested in teaching secondary math or science in high-need schools.

The $1.4 million grant, including $800,000 in scholarships, will make it possible for Roosevelt, in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools, Oakton Community College and the Field Museum of Natural History, to prepare 42 undergraduate and graduate students over the next five years for teaching jobs at high-need public schools.

The scholarships will provide $10,000 annually for up to two years to juniors and seniors who major in math, chemistry or biology and minor in secondary education; and $18,000 over two years to graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Secondary Education program.

In exchange for scholarships, students agree when they graduate from Roosevelt to teach for up to four years in public schools where math and science teachers are in demand. CPS will identify schools where Roosevelt students receiving scholarships can do field observations and student teaching and will assist graduates of the new program in securing teaching jobs with CPS.

This project is a great example of collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education. Special thanks go to Byoung Kim, associate professor of elementary education and principal investigator; John MacDougall, director of assessment and grant; Vicky McKinley, professor of biology; and Melanie Pivarski, associate professor of mathematics. Julie Hilvers, director of Roosevelt’s Policy Research Collaborative, will be the project’s grant evaluator.
Click here to obtain more information and to complete an online application form. Inquiries about the grant can be directed to Professor Byoung Kim at 312-853-4775 or

For information about enrolling as a graduate student and grant recipient, contact Angela Ryan at 312-341-2420 or aryan@roosevelt.eduFor information about enrolling as an undergraduate student and grant recipient, contact Lilibeth Castillo at 312-853-4789 or

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