Friday, September 8, 2017

Teacher Shortage Information From ISBE

The Illinois State Board of Education reports that more than 1,000 teaching positions statewide are unfilled, according to data collected from school districts in October 2016. The majority (approximately 67 percent) of school districts in Illinois have 100 or fewer faculty members. Even one unfilled position in a small school district significantly impacts students’ learning opportunities.

As a result of this finding, ISBE launched the Unfilled Positions Map on Aug. 22 at  The map displays open instructional, administrative, and support positions statewide, as of October 1 of the reporting year. Users can search and sort by position type and county, locate openings on a map, see aggregate data, and go to the hiring district’s website.

The map and database illustrate the critical need for more professionals to join in the exciting work happening in Illinois’ public schools.

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